• Applications of The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in The Metal Plate Industry


    With the continuous introduction of advanced laser equipment, the rapid development in the metal plate industry is irresistible. With the help of fiber laser cutting machines, the metal plate processing industry has a promising future. Read More

  • How to Buy a Suitable Bending Machine?


    Once an improper selection is made when purchasing a bending machine, the production cost will rise, and the bending machine cannot be expected to recover the cost. Therefore, choosing a good bending machine is very pleasing. When choosing, there are the following 6 factors to consider.1. WorkpieceT Read More

  • Production Efficiency of CNC Bending Machine


    The production efficiency of CNC bending machine is the key to the whole production, and the efficiency also determines the production volume. In addition, as the efficiency is improved, the production time will be appropriately reduced, which plays a very important role in saving production costs. Read More

  • Notes on the Use of Lubricating Oil in Bending Machine


    The accessories inside the bending machine need to be lubricated regularly. In the process of operation, many accessories will rub back and forth, and need the lubricating oil to make it operate smoothly. At the time of lubrication, users only need to pay attention to the following matters to achieve the lubrication requirements at the same time, you can maintain the internal accessories. Read More

  • Precautions of Operation CNC bending machine


    As we all know, the bending machine is the machine used for bending sheet, metal and other material into a specific shape. It should be noted that the bending machine can only be folded relatively thin sheet material. Surely, functions of bending machine vary from the specific model of the machine. The operation of the bending machine is very simple. Read More



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