Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
DiGa fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine which uses fiber laser generator as the light source. Optical fiber laser is a new type of optical fiber laser developed in the world, which outputs high energy density laser beam and concentrates on the surface of workpiece, making the area irradiated by ultra-fine focal spot on the workpiece instantaneously melt and vaporize.

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  • Applications of The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in The Metal Plate Industry

    With the continuous introduction of advanced laser equipment, the rapid development in the metal plate industry is irresistible. With the help of fiber laser cutting machines, the metal plate processing industry has a promising future.

  • How to Buy a Suitable Bending Machine?

    Once an improper selection is made when purchasing a bending machine, the production cost will rise, and the bending machine cannot be expected to recover the cost. Therefore, choosing a good bending machine is very pleasing. When choosing, there are the following 6 factors to consider.1. WorkpieceT



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