Precautions of Operation CNC bending machine

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As we all know, the bending machine is the machine used for bending sheet, metal and other material into a specific shape. It should be noted that the bending machine can only be folded relatively thin sheet material. Surely, functions of bending machine vary from the specific model of the machine. The operation of the bending machine is very simple.


Bending machine is mainly divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, and CNC bending machine. Of course, these three types also have several small classification, mainly for different purposes suitable for application. After all, the use of some enterprises is relatively single. In this case, the choice of choosing a bending machine is relatively easy. Although, the use of bending machine is relatively simple, but operators have to pay attention to some aspects, as well as technical requirements.


In terms of CNC bending machine which is widely used in the field, you need to check some equipment to ensure that the equipment can normal operation when using.


For example, turn on the switch before use, then you can play a pump. It is better not to reverse order. Otherwise, it may affect the service life of the bending machine under long time operation.


When using the machine again, you have to ensure certain related matters about the bending machine such as : when the die down to the bottom, you must ensure that there is a plate thick difficult firstly. In this case, the bending machine can be used successfully. Otherwise, it will cause mold damage.


You have to choose bending groove according to the thickness of the material. Under normal circumstances, you should choose the thickness of the bending groove more than 8 times the thickness of the material. The above mentioned are the specific operation requirements of the bending machine.


Of course, these requirements are only about the technical requirements of the operation of the CNC bending machine. One thing you have to pay attention to is that its technical requirements vary from types of bending machine. 



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