Notes on the Use of Lubricating Oil in Bending Machine

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The accessories inside the bending machine need to be lubricated regularly. In the process of operation, many accessories will rub back and forth, and need the lubricating oil to make it operate smoothly. At the time of lubrication, users only need to pay attention to the following matters to achieve the lubrication requirements at the same time, you can maintain the internal accessories. 

1. Lubrication mode.

According to the working conditions of the bending machine, three modes of box-type lubrication, regular oiling and oil-free self-lubricating bearings are adopted respectively. Each sliding guide surface is lubricated by oil cups regularly, and the main drive gear reducer of the upper roller is lubricated by box-type lubrication.


2. The selection of lubricating oil.

Calcium-based grease is recommended for the steel-backed composite bearing of each roller shaft of the bending machine.


3. Lubrication system and precautions.

Before each shift, oil should be injected to each lubrication point, check whether the lubricating oil in the reducer of the bending machine is in the specified oil level, the whole lubrication system should be cleaned once after the machine starts working 150 hours, and then once a year.


The bending machine needs regular lubrication, and the right lubricating oil needs to be selected. The purpose of adding lubricating oil is to form a protective film on the internal fittings to protect them from wear and tear. The lubrication system should be maintained in time in order to prolong its life.



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