Bending Machine
DiGa Bending machine is a quality forming machine tool which can be carried out on the thin plate bending. With advanced technology, our bending machines offer user specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment. We can design the dies for you with standard upper and lower tool with “WLAN” hydraulic clamp.
Shearing Machine
DiGa is a professional China manufacturer of shearing machine. Mechanical shearing machine is a kind of machine tools. It is easy to operate DiGa hydraulic shearing machinewhich uses hydraulic drive with safe and reliable performance. DiGa mechanical shearing machine has various functions such as intelligent positioning, inverter control and stroke adjustment. We producing high quality shearing machine cutting angles  and knife gap with high precision.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
DiGa fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine which uses fiber laser generator as the light source. Optical fiber laser is a new type of optical fiber laser developed in the world, which outputs high energy density laser beam and concentrates on the surface of workpiece, making the area irradiated by ultra-fine focal spot on the workpiece instantaneously melt and vaporize.
Pipe Bending Machine
There are various pipe bending machine with special functions in different fields. High performance and medium pipe bending machine adopts NC control with a number of procedures and multi angle setting, so as to make your operation and programming easier. DiGa pipe bending machine is widely used for manufacturing standardized products, such as exhaust pipe seat, bumper and all steel furniture etc. DiGa pipe bending machine has many functions with reasonable structure, simple operation.
Paper Cutting Blade
DiGa is a professional manufacturer of shearing machine blades, bending machine molds, machine tool tools, CNC tools, cemented carbide tools, and precision tools. We produces high quality paper cutting blades for various mechanical equipments. A good paper cutting blade is a good assisstant  and an important component for those machines.
As a professional manufacturer of moulds for shearing machines, punching machine and so on, DiGa produces a variety of high quality moulds that is durable. We can also customize moulds according to your special needs.



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