Applications of The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in The Metal Plate Industry

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With the continuous introduction of advanced laser equipment, the rapid development in the metal plate industry is irresistible. With the help of fiber laser cutting machines, the metal plate processing industry has a promising future.

It is well known that the sheet metal working industry has undergone several generations of change. In metal plate 1.0 era, coppersmiths carried a stretcher around to repair objects for customers. In the 1970s, simple mechanical processes came into people's eyes and techniques such as electric welding became more and more sophisticated. With the development of the times, the increasing living standard of people and the accelerated pace of life, a more efficient and rapid way of processing metal plate was needed, and the laser cutting machine emerged as the time required.

So why does the laser cutting machine stand out from the many other processing methods? What advantages does it have?

The traditional metal plate processing steps include "shearing - punching - bending - welding" or "flame plasma cutting - bending -Welding".  Traditional metal plate processing is less efficient and makes bad quality products. In addition, it is not suitable for multi-species, small-lot, customized, high-quality, short-delivery orders. As an alternative to the "shear-punch" process, laser cutting is more flexible, often used to cut workpieces and samples in complex shapes.

Disadvantages of traditional metal plate processing

  1. The traditional metal plate cutting machines take up a considerable share in the market. Before the advent of laser cutting machines, they made an important contribution to the development of the metal plate industry. However, it has obvious disadvantages compared to modern technologies such as laser cutting, which greatly affects the competitiveness of companies.

  2. Most of the traditional metal plate cutting machines adopt shear beds, which can only be used for linear cutting and not for cutting complex shapes.

  3. The traditional metal plate punching uses CNC or turret punching machines, which is not suitable for cutting steel plates thicker than 1.5mm and the cutting makes poor-quality products, needs high costs, makes great noises and pollution.

  4. Flame cutting is another traditional cutting method, only suitable for rough processing. Besides, it makes poor quality cutting and is time-consuming. Also, the flame cutting is likely melt the plate and generate waste.

Plasma cutting is similar to flame cutting in that it leads to heavy thermal deformation and its cutting angle is not vertical when cutting thin steel plates, and cannot be used when high precision is required, and consumables are more expensive.

The advantages of laser cutting

  1. Laser cutting is flexible and timesaving, hence attributing to high production efficiency and a short production cycle. Simple or complex parts can be cut by laser in a single rapid-forming operation。

  2. The workpieces cut by laser has narrow cutting seam and good quality. What's more, laser cutting machine is easy to operate, and the cutting process is automatic and environmentally friendly.  Also, laser cutting does not need much labor force.

  3. The laser cutting machine can rearrange the cuting route, improving the utilization rate of materials and reducing the wear and tear of the blades.

  4. Low cost and good economic results.

Laser cutting simplifies tne processing process, shortens the R&D cycle, improves work efficiency and lower the processing cost, helping the manufacturers to produce more good quality metal plates. You'd better learn the advantages and features of laser cutting in the actual operations so that you can use it to produce more good-quality metal plates. Laser cutting helps you to lay a good fundation for your company and gain good economic results.



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